P R I V A T E   F I N A N C E



Our trusted professional partners specialise in procuring the most favourable lending terms for our clients. We are particularly effective in sourcing financing for clients who have complex and non-standard financial situations. Recent changes to government policy and lending criteria means demonstrating affordability for significant loans has become somewhat challenging. For example, clients can no longer self-certify their ability to service a loan, while checks on evidencing affordability are increasingly stringent.

As a result, many mainstream lenders are reluctant to accommodate clients without a ‘vanilla’ or conventional income structure. These include the self-employed, those above a certain age; clients with rental income as their only income source, or investors wishing to include sizeable bonuses when affordability is assessed.

It is therefore imperative to seek advice from an experienced financier with the capability to service property funding requirements through access to ‘whole of market’. Our specialist finance partners interact with over 250 lenders in the UK and abroad, and consistently secure funding for our clients.

Our partners have trusted, long-standing relationships with lenders, and pride themselves on their ability to refer our clients to specialist trusted professionals to assist with every aspect of the lending and financial planning process. This includes tax, legal and foreign exchange matters.

Whatever your property financing requirements, our partners are dedicated to finding the best and most efficient solution for your unique circumstances.

Our specialist areas of expertise include:

High-value mortgages 

International mortgages 

Bridging finance 

Large bridging loans 

Large commercial mortgages 

Luxury asset financing

Private equity

Family office lending 

Releasing equity from high-value properties

Raise from £1m – £1bn +

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