S U P E R  Y A C H T S



Private yacht ownership has become de rigueur with billionaires such as LVMH Moët Hennessy’s chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault who regularly cruises the world’s most glamorous oceans in his superyacht ‘Symphony’.

The Cloister Ocean 1 provides a discrete acqusition and disposal service for some of the most opulent sea bearing vessels held in private ownership.

Through our unique position of working with some of the most affluent families in the world, has allowed us to be trusted partners when they are acquiring or passing on, these one of a kind Super Yachts for others to derive pleasure from.

Our private network of Yacht designers and builders allows us to discretley source on your behalf what many find an arduous task when navigating the many brokers.

For further information email us at yachts@thecloister.co.uk